Sports Communication Has Made It to Italy

For the first time the Florence campus will be offering courses for sports communication majors. Now students can go to Lorenzo de’ Medici, the campus in Florence Italy, and fulfill their sports communication requirements at the same time. The campus in Florence has been offering one sports course for a few years now which is Sport, Culture, and Communication.

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

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Marist students return abroad after spending first year in Florence

Imagine beginning college in a foreign country. To be more specific, imagine spending all of freshman year in Florence, Italy. After spending sophomore year in the United States you decide to study abroad again, but this time in a different country for a semester during junior year.

For a select group of freshman at Marist College, that scenario is very possible. Marist strongly supports the idea of studying abroad as it currently provides over 30 different programs all over the world. However, freshmen have an opportunity to explore Europe during their first year with the college by studying in Florence, Italy.

The adventure does not have to end after freshman year. With proper planning and a compatible major, students who spend their first two semesters in Florence can study abroad later on in their academic career.

That was the case for Marist students Brennan Weiss and Colin D’Amelio.

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Hidden Gem: BurgerFi

The movement of “going green” and leaving as little carbon footprint as possible on the environment has taken the nation by storm. Businesses have tried to adopt this environmentally and ethically beneficial operating system in order to appeal to the public and develop solid reputations.

BurgerFi is a chain restaurant that generated out of the offices in Delray Beach, Florida.  BurgerFi prides their selves in their all natural Angus beef from cattle that are raised in the most stringent standards.  They also create an environment that you don’t typically see at your local burger joint.  Each store is built to be environmentally sustainable, earth friendly elements, and chairs that are made from recycled Coke bottles, tables made out of compressed recycled wood, and large fans that use 66% less electricity. Continue reading

Marist dances to end dating violence

Marist students danced the afternoon away in efforts to put an end to dating violence. For the third year, the Purplethread and Marist Dance Ensemble joined together to make the dance-a-thon a success.

“Domestic violence is not something easy to talk about. Hosting the dance-a-thon every year is a fun and more comfortable way to bring light to a serious issue that college students need to be aware of,” said Meg O’Malley, Vice President of the Purplethread.  Continue reading

Dr. Bernice Sandler speaking at Marist College

Photo by Kathleen O'Brien

Here’s what you need to know about Title IX in college

The fight for gender equality in education was technically won back in 1972 with the passing of Title IX. The law applies to these 10 aspects of the education system: access to higher education, athletics, career education, education for pregnant and parenting students, employment, learning environment, math and science, standardized testing and technology.

However, 42 years later, students and schools are still grappling with the integration and practice of it. In the past few years, though, there has been a federal push for colleges to reevaluate their adherence to Title IX. Starting in 2011 with the Dear Colleague Letter and followed by other federal mandates, the issue for gender equality, particularly sexual assault and violence, will culminate in November with the National Week of Action. To prepare for this, here is a guide to Title IX’s history, new policies and available resources for students.

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A guide to off-campus life

A photo of my lease agreement – photo courtesy of Daniel Treccagnoli

One of the realities of living the college life is that housing is not always a guarantee, especially if you go to a smaller college. Many students also choose to live off-campus on their own, without being forced out by limited on-campus housing options. Either way, going out on your own can be a very difficult process, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Marist, as well as many other colleges, have compiled a “guide” to help students make their way while living off campus. However, these guides don’t cover a lot of the issues students might face while living on their own off-campus. In this article I hope to address some of those issues and difficulties that students might face.

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The Campus Green at Marist College. Photo courtesy of Marist College.

Marist alums; the journey from students to campus leaders

With 36,000 Marist alumni worldwide, there is no shortage of people who have studied at Marist over the years. There are dozens of notable Marist alumni such as Fox News political commentator Bill O’Reilly ’71 and 1-800-Flowers President and entrepreneur Christopher McCann ’83. But, there are also a sufficient number of Marist graduates who decided to return to the campus and work. Here are three of their stories. Continue reading


This Week in News

Struggling through midterms week and enjoying a long weekend at home for mid semester break, you may have missed some things that happened in the world this past week. Of course this includes more Ebola news along with a controversial College Football game and the start of this year’s World Series.

1. Breakthrough Replicates Human Brain Cells for Alzheimer’s Research.

Researchers have accomplished a feat that has shocked some people around them. Under the lead of researcher Rudolph E. Tanzi of Massachusetts General Hospital l in Boston a team of researchers have created Alzheimer’s in a petri dish. This advancement will help with the previous problem of how to study this disease and it will help with the search for drugs to treat it. Before they came up with this their best method of research was studying mice who developed an imperfect form of the disease. Tanzi said that the key to the success of this project was an idea that came from his colleague Doo Yeon Kim to grow the brain cells in a gel to simulate the creation of networks as in an actual brain. They then gave them the genes for the disease and sure enough it worked.

2. W.H.O. Chief Calls Ebola Outbreak a ‘Crisis for International Peace’


Dr. Margaret Chan, the director general of the World Health Organization said that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is “unquestionably the most severe acute public health emergency in modern times.” She described the outbreak as progressing from a public health crisis to “a crisis for international peace and security.” Dr. Chan stresses that she has never seen a disease outbreak that is threatening the survival of societies and governments like this. She also stressed that there are major risks involved in neglecting poorer countries who have outbreaks like this. She understands that if no attention is paid to an outbreak in a poor country it will eventually spread to the whole world, which has already begun.

3. San Francisco Giants win in walk-off fashion toadvance to World Series.

San_Francisco_Giants_hat_and_helmet_logoTravis Ishikawa hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to lift the Giants past the Cardinals putting them in the 2014 World Series. They will face the Kansas City Royals, who have not yet lost a game in this playoff run. The Series begins Tuesday night and it should be a good one. Madison Bumgarner will get the start on the mound for the Giants against the Royals’ right hander James Shields. Bumgarner finished the season with a 18-10 record and Shields finished 14-8. These are two good arms going up against each other in game one and it should be exciting to watch.

4. No. 2 Florida State stays perfect with comeback over No. 5 Notre Dame


This might have been one of the most anticipated College Football games of the year and it left Irish fans disappointed to say the least. Florida State was down 17-10 at halftimeand rallied back to win in the second half behind star quarterback Jameis Winston. The play of the game came in the final seconds of the game on fourth down. Notre Dame put together a great drive to get them down to Florida State’s two-yard line. Everett Golson threw a touchdown pass to Corey Robinson with 13 seconds on the clock to put Notre Dame in the lead. However, the play was called back due to a pass interference call on Notre Dame. it was definitely a controversial call and Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly was not happy with the refs, as I’m sure Fighting Irish fans also were.

5. Phone Hackers Dial and Redial to Steal Billions

In March an architecture firm owned by Bob Foreman ran up a phone bill of $166,000 in just one weekend. The interesting thing is that the company is run by just seven people and neither Foreman nor any of his workers were in the office that weekend. Obviously there had to be a mistake. It was not a mistake but hackers breaking into the firm’s telephone network and routing $166,000 worth of phone calls. The call records showed that calls were made to several premium-rate telephone numbers outside of the country. This type of fraud is one that mostly hits small businesses and this Georgia firm was hit hard. Last year this crime cost small businesses $4.71 billion around the world.

6. Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change


Last Monday the Pentagon released a report saying that climate change poses some threats to national security. The report stresses increased risk of terrorist attacks, infectious disease, and global food shortages. There are also worries of increases in extreme weather requiring military disaster responses. There is a road map in the report showing how military will respond to rising seas levels and storms. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel expressed concerns about the loss of glaciers straining water supplies and destruction caused by hurricanes. In the past the military looked at climate change as a future risk but this report is shifting the view to be a present problem that requires immediate action.



A look into a “hidden gem” of Marist campus: Steel Plant Studios

Perhaps one of the most underrated buildings belonging to the Marist campus includes easles, sculptures and photography. Home to some of Marist’s most artistic and creative minds is the Steel Plant Studios. Although secluded from other on-campus buildings, the Steel Plant, as well as the Art Department itself, deserves much credit.

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Seven Ways to Avoid Disease This Winter

Your Mother was right, wash your hands!
Hand washing is the first line of defense when trying to prevent disease. Your hands carry a plethora of germs from you touching objects that other people have come in contact with. Then, by wiping your eyes, nose, or mouth, the germs spread into your body. Regular hand washing, particularly before and after activities, is one of the best ways to remove germs and prevents the spread of germs to others.

The over-usage of Purell is not good.
Purell is a good way to keep your hands clean until you find a bathroom to wash your hands. Just using Purell though is not as effective as most people may think. Continue reading