The Campus Green at Marist College. Photo courtesy of Marist College.

Marist alums; the journey from students to campus leaders

With 36,000 Marist alumni worldwide, there is no shortage of people who have studied at Marist over the years. There are dozens of notable Marist alumni such as Fox News political commentator Bill O’Reilly ’71 and 1-800-Flowers President and entrepreneur Christopher McCann ’83. But, there are also a sufficient number of Marist graduates who decided to return to the campus and work. Here are three of their stories. Continue reading


A look into a “hidden gem” of Marist campus: Steel Plant Studios

Perhaps one of the most underrated buildings belonging to the Marist campus includes easles, sculptures and photography. Home to some of Marist’s most artistic and creative minds is the Steel Plant Studios. Although secluded from other on-campus buildings, the Steel Plant, as well as the Art Department itself, deserves much credit.

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Seven Ways to Avoid Disease This Winter

Your Mother was right, wash your hands!
Hand washing is the first line of defense when trying to prevent disease. Your hands carry a plethora of germs from you touching objects that other people have come in contact with. Then, by wiping your eyes, nose, or mouth, the germs spread into your body. Regular hand washing, particularly before and after activities, is one of the best ways to remove germs and prevents the spread of germs to others.

The over-usage of Purell is not good.
Purell is a good way to keep your hands clean until you find a bathroom to wash your hands. Just using Purell though is not as effective as most people may think. Continue reading

Marist alumna utilizes her fashion and sports education to create her FitzU clothing line

There comes a time in most college students’ lives, when they question whether that college degree and those classes will actually benefit them in the real world. For Marist alumna Rachele Fitz, though, the answer is a resounding yes.

Graduating with a degree in fashion design and a minor in fashion merchandising in 2010, Fitz split her Marist years between hours in the fashion lab and time on the court as a member of Marist’s women’s basketball team. Now, four years later, Fitz has combined her two great loves and launched her own women’s athletic clothing line: FitzU Design.

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A student’s guide to understanding the Islamic State

While the Islamic State, Iraq, and Syria may be on the complete opposite side of the world, in light of the dedication to the ‘global community of the 21st century’ here at Marist College and recent national security concerns within an hour and a half from the Marist College campus, it’s important for  students to understand international forces at work. So, without further to do, below you will find a simplified guide to what the Islamic State is, what the Islamic State wants, and why you should care explained by myself and two members of the Political Science department here at Marist College.

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Spring 2015 communication courses

A freshman’s guide to a successful registration

Ask any upperclassmen on campus about registration and I guarantee you will hear a horror story or four. Registration day is one of the most dreaded days for students at Marist. It calls for a lot of planning, praying and usually ends with a lot of bribing.

Marist faculty and upperclassmen from a variety of majors offer freshmen some advice to help the process run as smoothly as possible.

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Hidden Gem: Half Time Beverages

Have you ever seen a 21 year old college student run around a store like a kid in a candy shop? No.  Then the odds are you have not heard or been to Half Time beverages. Located South of Road 9 about seven miles from Marist college, it’s enough of a distance where Marist students may not know about it, but it’s not far enough to deter anyone with a car from going, especially after the many delicious drinks that await.

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Marist fails to promote fan base for club sports

marist hockeyThis past Saturday, October 11, the Marist Hockey team held their annual pink game, which is held each year during breast cancer awareness month to raise money. The pink game is an event that should have brought in a strong fan base, but like most Marist hockey games, the stands were vastly lacking in school spirit. The lack of fan support has nothing to do with the teams skill or their lack of Division 1 recognition, but that Marist fails to promote their club sports to the student body.

In a survey taken randomly by Marist students, 90 percent of students said they are aware that Marist has a hockey team but the majority never attended a game. When asked why, more than 50 percent said they do not know when the games are due to lack of promotion or advertisement of the schedule. Two other major reasons seen were lack of other students attending and lack of transportation to the games.

Marist does not have an ice rink on campus so the team practices and plays their games at the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie. The rink is not far from campus but if you are a student wanting to attend a game the only way to get there is to drive. Lack of transportation plays a major factor because students without cars have no way to get to games even if they wanted to, and most students said in the survey that if Marist provided a free shuttle to the Civic Center, like they do to the mall, they would likely attend games. Marist runs a shuttle from one end of campus to the other during basketball games so fans don’t have to walk. They should be able to run one to another facility.

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Alumni Game

Successful Alumni Weekend Leaves Out Students

The Marist campus was packed this weekend with a plethora of current and past students, with a wide range of age, status, and background. But, there seemed to be a lack of current student interaction with the alumni. Many students on campus have not heard much information on the events to take place during alumni weekend. The only big event that people were aware of was the big rivalry football game at Tenney Stadium between Marist and Dayton. Some research was done, and to get informed about these events that were taking place, Donna from the Alumni Office directed people to the MaristConnect website to view the information. There seemed to be the same reaction among students about not knowing what planned events are taking place for homecoming weekend. “I would never think to go to the MaristConnect website to see what types of events were going on,” said sophomore Leon Cummings when walking through campus. “I think there should have been more information accessible to the current students. I would have liked to have some previous knowledge about where to go to meet alumni.” Continue reading


A Unique Internship gives Marist Students an Unbelievable Opportunity.

Poughkeepsie, New York- Many schools have radio stations on their campus, some have an affiliation with major networks like ESPN, and even fewer than that have mainly student run programs. Thinking about all the great Communication schools around the country, only one school has all three of these criteria on their campus, little Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. In the form of the radio program The Classroom, the students of Marist College get to feature their abilities in preproduction, post production and on air talent for the a radio show on Worldwide Leader in Sports ESPN, an opportunity that only few students have ever had.

This amazing opportunity for Marist students can be traced back to a single conversation, “Geoff Brault (Co-host of The Classroom) met with Bob DeFelice (Market Manager for Sunrise Broadcasting), and he told Geoff that ESPN was coming back to the Hudson Valley and he wanted to get involved with Marist and especially with the students,” said Director of the Marist College Center for Sports Communication and Co-host of The Classroom Dr. Keith Strudler, “We always wanted to get into the media world and this was our chance, and from that meeting we got two things the show The Classroom and the Marist 180.”

The show launched a year ago, and was intended not just to inform but also to entertain. Even though Dr. Strudler and Geoff Brault are the hosts of the show, all the work is done by students and has been since the first show. “It gives them something to put on their resume and the experience that they would not get anywhere else. Students get to perform tasks and jobs that they would not get anywhere, like board operator, producer, researcher,” said Dr. Strudler.

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