Guest speaker Duncan Cohen: living and working with the Ebola crisis

“This is the most people I have ever spoken in front of before”, announced Duncan Cohen, a Senior Training and Development Specialist at the U.S. Agency for International Development. It was only twenty-two days prior that Duncan was assisting in the Ebola crisis that is currently taking place in Liberia with the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance. Continue reading

The Legalization of Marijuana: How Far it Has Come and How it Could Affect Marist


States with medial and decriminalized marijuana in the United States

Following the 2012 decisions of Colorado and Washington to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, many states including Oregon and Alaska, as well as the District of Columbia, have made more of a move towards being slightly more lenient with regards to Marijuana.

Hitting considerably more close to home for students at Marist was the recent decision on July 5 by governor Cuomo to legalize a limited medicinal use of marijuana in New York state. This decision makes New York the 23rd state in the nation to legalize some form of medical marijuana, and although it allows for some medical uses, the law itself is very limited and does not even allow consumption of marijuana through its most commonly used way, smoking. Continue reading

Protesters in Lower Manhattan on Dec. 4.

Courtesy of Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

Outside the Bubble: 12/2 – 12/10

The semester is almost over and that means students are scrambling to finish last minute research papers and presentations, while starting the grueling time of finals studying. Amidst all of the schoolwork, students may not be aware of what’s happening in the world. However, the Red Fox Report has the top news stories of the past week. With the #blacklivesmatter protests, the backlash over Rolling Stone’s article on the rape at UVA, a plane crash in Maryland, the release of the CIA torture report, updates on the Ebola outbreak and the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prizes, the world has been rattled. Continue reading

Marist Athletics Strives to Reach the Student Body

Walk into any of Marist’s home sporting events and you will notice a lack of student support. Despite what the reason may be, Marist athletics is working interminably to fill the empty seats with energetic and enthusiastic students.

“When students show up it creates a great atmosphere. As the students get involved it forces the community members in the other sections to get involved as well,” said Andy Alongi. Alongi, Assistant Athletics Director for External Affairs, is in charge of all marketing and sponsorship efforts for the athletics department in support of all 23 Division 1 programs.

For years it has been an ongoing effort of the athletic department to effectively promote home games to the student body. They have tested out several different methods and continue to generate new ideas. The attendance has not reached where they would like it to be, but it is described as a work in process.

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Not All Americans Run on Coffee

Three Starbucks cups with a big X through the middle one.

Three Starbucks cups with a big X through the middle one.

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. –  Many people believe America runs on coffee. And for some people it does to the extent that they cannot live without it. Even astronauts who desire coffee, but work in space will be able to rejoice with a nice hot cup of Joe as an Italian coffee company Lavazza with help from an engineering company has created the ISSpresso machine, which will provide genuine Italian espresso for them on the International Space Station.

This speculation of America’s obsession with coffee is fueled by active market research too. The National Coffee Association (NCA), which is a marketing research/ lobby group for the coffee industry says that approximately 41% of every day coffee drinkers are between the ages of 18-24, the second largest age percentage behind the 63% between the ages 25-39.

Yet in total the 2013 NCA study found over 83 percent of U.S. adults drink coffee. Keep in mind those may be the people have drank coffee once in their lives, but still almost give credence to the slogan that we run on coffee.

And you would believe that many college students would drink coffee too. Usually when the Fall semester is coming to a close, many students will be studying for long hours in the Library or Donnelly Computer Lab for their final exams with Starbucks or Dunkin Donut’s coffee by their side. Yet, not everyone partakes in the ritual of staying up late with their Grande Mocha Latte or their black coffee. Some seldom or never drink coffee at all. Continue reading

Future Film Directors in Action

What better way to prove yourself to the film industry then to make your own feature length horror film.  Thats what exactly what film Marist Students Alaejandro Lazare, Patrick Mullen, Becky Losito and Tim Croteau are doing.

The film titled “The Forgotten” is about a young kid looking into an abandon hospital, trying to figure out what his father use to do in there, before he is kidnapped and things go horribly wrong.


Alejandro and Patrick hard at work

One may think the film would use Marist students as actors, but that was not the case.  The only Marist students were the directors/ assistants as the rest of the team were full-time actors from New York City.

Yet how were they able to pay the cast?

Mullen, The Director of the film was fortunate enough that his dad knew the main donor for the Woodstock film festival.  He generously donated 5,000 dollars for the projects.

He told the crew to “Consider (The Donor) me the Angel Donor.”

Of course connections were not alone to get the donations.  They showed the donor all the 12 major documents how their going to film, where they will film and their budget.

And the results look terrific.  Makeup and film all look professionally done.  They were almost able to stay in budget, but transportation for the actors was just too much for them to stay on track.

They will be submitting the film to many upcoming film festivals.

The holiday rush at the cafeteria

“But which one should I get?”, said senior Matthew Hopkins as he perused the sushi menu at the cafeteria at Marist College on Monday night. Hopkins and his three companions had just arrived at the cafeteria for what hopefully will be one of their last visits. After going through a semester where he neglected his cafeteria swipes, Hopkins is left with the challenge of finishing his final 11 swipes in less than two weeks. “I work two days a week and live on the other side of the campus so it was really hard to get over here and use my swipes,” said the discouraged Hopkins, who swiped his friends in to reduce his swipe amount to 8.


Matthew Hopkins and Justin Hermann about to enjoy their meal.


Despite the pressure of taking full advantage of his meal plan, the cheerful atmosphere of the holiday themed decorations in the cafeteria  made the group’s eating experience very enjoyable. “You think that tree is real?” said Zach Modelski as he motioned to the tree in the middle of the cafeteria that is colorfully lit with Christmas lights. “What tree?” said Tyler Schwarz as he frantically looked around for the thematic tree. “Oh that one? Definitely not.” Schwarz said dismissively.


The colorful Christmas tree added a wonderful ambiance to the atmosphere.


The four companions enjoyed a mixed, large meal  of honey ham, potatoes, salad, wraps, sushi, and sandwiches (a seemingly standard collegiate meal). Group meals like this in cafeteria are hard to do as seniors, they’re much more common among freshmen. Regardless, the four were able to get together for one of their final times to eat in the cafeteria. “As a freshman it was easy to get together and hit the cafeteria as a group since we were always right there. Now it’s harder to get together but my friends always come running when I tell them that I’ll swipe him into the cafeteria.” concluded Hopkins. As the group put away their dishes a man dressed in a shirt and tie began to play Christmas songs on his trombone, closing out a great session at the cafeteria.

Allen and Urena editing their footage in the Post Production Suite 231. Photo courtesy of Christen Sblendorio.

Final projects and footie pajamas

On December 8, 2014 at approximately 5:15 p.m. two Marist College sophomores sit along side one another in Post Production Suite Room 231 located on the second floor of Lowell Thomas. These two students are Sarah Allen and Amber Rubi Urena. Although both communication majors, Allen is concentrating in advertisement and minoring in video production whereas Urena’s concentration is in public relations with a double minor in video production and business. Continue reading

Busniess Majors Stress Over Workload

The James A. Cannavino library is packed with students stressing over their upcoming workload during the upcoming finals week, but business majors have a paper that trumps the length of anything they have ever done before.

“I’m done with 40 out of the 60 pages,” said business major Bridget Frank. “Everyone is super stressed right now about this business capping paper and presenting it within the next week.”

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